You know I have had a number of chores that I’ve needed to do this week and most of them are still on the to-do list.  But one thing that I have realized as I constantly have to justify postponing doing them, is that certain chores have to be done at certain times during the day.  Now I have not made an exhaustive list due to the busyness of my schedule, but here are some that I thought of off of (weird three word combo) the top of my head.  Cleaning must be done during the day; it is most efficient when done at midmorning and even better when on Saturday.  One cannot clean after midnight though, its not allowed.  Thank you notes have to be written by natural sunlight.  Packing must be done at night.  One cannot pack while it is still light outside, it has to be done late the night before and the later the better.  Of course when I really consider these I guess you can do them whenever, however, placing time boundaries on them helps me in the justification of my procrastination.

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These things I noticed

Now when you drive for 3600 miles in a matter of simply six days, it does not take a person with astute powers of observation to notice a few peculiar items.  I tried to remember a few of these and compile them into a nice list for all to enjoy.  So these are the things I noticed while driving from Missouri to Montana and back, once in the middle of the night, the other time in a two day stretch.

  • people stop waving to you east of South Dakota
  • there is the same amount of traffic in South Dakota at rush as there is at 3 am
  • the midwest has rest stops with wireless internet, South Dakota has rest stops with giant teepees
  • there is a word in the English language with two double a’s: its somewhere in eastern Montana
  • people really will speed up when you try to pass them as proved by two minnusoetuns and a nort dakoetun
  • some gas pumps are really slow
  • the average distance between green signs letting you know how far to the next city is 8 miles
  • those same green signs are also unreliable, or I was driving backwards at one point on my trip
  • you could take a picture of the road in South Dakota with barren wasteland on either side and if you stared at it for five hours you could receive an honorary award for having driven across SD
  • even when telling a joke to yourself, its all in the delivery
  • everything has to be transported somehow as proved by the strange loads on some semis
  • i would love to know the number of semis on the road in the US at any given time
  • it really is darkest before the dawn
  • QT stands for Quick n Tasty
  • you can put too many sunflower seeds in your mouth at one time
  • you can drive for 1/2 hour in SD without passing or being passed by anyone
  • states such as Montana and Wyoming should be commended for not being littered with Adult video billboards
  • you can’t judge a store by its billboards, everyone who has stopped in Wall knows this
  • just because you came up with a pun does not mean its clever evidenced by Mitchell’s corn palace which really isn’t all that A-MAIZ-ING
  • De Smet home of Laura Ingalls Wilder is 400 miles from lake De Smet: kind of weird
  • it is possible to drive the exact same speed as someone, but only once you are within 50 ft of them
  • you really could make fun of the name of about every city, but after a while it gets old
  • the unintentional pun of the street name Parrallel Parkway is clever
  • Some people have too much time on their hands proven by some of the atrocious structures in SD
  • old people get a a bad rap for not being good drivers… and for good reason
  • while there are Lewis and Clark signs all across the nation they are not all the same; sometimes they are pointing right and sometimes they are pointing left
  • it is absolutely necessary to have a trusty co-pilot who can help keep you awake with incredibly loud snoring
  • odds- north and south; evens- east and west
  • if you own a roofing business and your last name is Fiedler be sure and name your business Fiedler on the roof
  • mile/exit 1 is never at the beginning of anything… it is actually normally right in the middle
  • to get from Missouri to Montana you drive north and then turn left and it is awfully anticlimactic when you find out that the left turn isn’t actually a left but rather a big right
  • the term mountain is relative
  • when the word “England” is written on a semi truck it is a brand name not where the truck originally started
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Lewis & Clark

lewis-and-clark-paintingThis Monday David and I drove back home for spring break.  We didn’t get on the road until late because David had a class.  So we left at about 10:30 and drove straight through until we arrived in Helena at about 6:30 the next day.  I ended up driving through all of Iowa and through part of South Dakota.  Well it was late in the night and I was getting a little bored and was looking for just about anything to help keep myself amused.  About the only thing I found was some signs signifying that Lewis and Clark had traveled through that part of the country.  Well being so bored and all, I got to thinking that Lewis and Clark traveled through Montana as well.  Do you know how long it took them to make it across the country.  Well I didn’t either, but it was over a year.  Over a year!!!  And here I am complaining about making the same trip in under a day.  Under a day!!!  This actually led to one of my favorite activities to do while I am bored on the road and that is pointless mathematical calculations.  So I estimated about how many days I thought it took L&C to make the trip and then how long it would take us and then figured out about how many days worth of progress I was making every minute I drove.  It really gives you quite the sense of satisfaction to think about progress in the that light.  Tomorrow we are heading back and so I will once again use that thought as encouragement for those lonely times on the road.

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T minus 300

christmas-treeIt is important to be conscience of time.  This is true for just about anything in life.  When you are playing sports you always have to know how much time there is left in the game, shot clock, play clock, etc…  Also when you are in class it is important to know how many more torturous minutes you have to fight to stay awake through.  It is important to watch the clock otherwise you might lose track of time and forget to eat before the caf closes.  Then you will have lost that meal forever.  It is also important that you keep a close eye on the calendar to be sure that you don’t miss important dates such as anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, divorces and so on and so forth.  With the importance of time thus being ensured, I now want to do a favor for all of you, for it is you, the reader, that I am here for.  I aim to please and hope that I do.  So here is a friendly reminder that we are now within 300 days of Christmas.  Saturday was officially 300 days away.  So be sure to keep your eyes peeled for that extra tricky person to shop for because remember it is never too early to start your Christmas shopping.

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Film and A Fib

couch_cryingYou know it is unfortunate but just a fact of life that society has put us into boxes and has made it almost impossible or in any way acceptable to break out of these.  Well now I have done my best to break out of boxes that I feel must be, but there are some cases where it is just easier to stay in your box.  You have to pick and choose your battles.  So let me get to my story, actually this is not a one time incident, but for the sake of story telling and my own dignity, I will pretend that this has only happened once.  I was in the movie store, trying to pick out a movie.  Now we know that it is almost impossible to find a good movie these days and no one likes to wander aimlessly through the store, but there comes a time in each of our lives, when this is what we are reduced to.  So here I am wandering aimlessly, when I finally decide on what movie I want to watch.  The problem is that I have not found the movie, but at least now I know what I am looking for.  Well it will suffice to say that the movie is a chick flick, but unfortunately I can’t seem to find it.  After debating what to do, my desire to watch the movie is just too great.  I go to ask for help finding it.  Now my problem here isn’t in asking for help, it is asking for the chick flick, which is socially unacceptable for me to watch.  I feel that I am fairly clever and so when the raised eyebrow look was thrown my way at the mention of the movie from the guy behind the counter, I gave him a disgruntled look and said, “I told my girlfriend she could pick what movie we watched tonight.”  He said, “You poor soul.”  I responded, “Tell me about it, I was really in the mood for Rocky IV, but she wasn’t gonna buy it, so I guess do what you got to do.”  He helped me find the movie and checked me out, wishing me good luck and hoping I would survive the movie as I left.  So I lied.  I didn’t feel like breaking out of the box, but I did go and watch that movie and LOVED IT.  (I may or may not have cried… you could ask my girlfriend but I made her up)

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An Empty Folder

taxfoldersI talked what seems like forever ago about a break through I had made in getting out of conversations with annoying people.  Just in case you have forgotten that was the use of the nondescript excuse of I have to run some errands.  However, while this is an incredible breakthrough, I have also come to realize that there are some people with which it will take more than a verbal excuse and so for people like this I have developed visual aids to go along with it.  Now this part of the lesson may have to be varied depending upon what type of setting you are in, but for me on a college campus I have found a folder to be the perfect prop.  This allows me to walk around freely with no real extra baggage, yet gives off the distinct air of importance and purpose.  And when I get ready to deliver the all important line about my errands, I crack open my folder for just long enough as if it is giving off special powers.  They normally back away from the folder, as they can only imagine how important its contents are.  The best part is that while I do at times use folders on campus, I always have an empty folder available for use as a prop.  It is a prop for props sake, but the folder plays.

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Snow Day

img_0031I am interrupting my usually scheduled broadcasts due to… you guessed it a snow day.  Nothing like a quarter inch of snow in the Ozarks.  Well I got to thinking that I have already posted something on my blog on a snow day.  That day however was the 10th of June in Montana.  I remember that day quite well.  There were 3 inches of snow on the ground and it was coming down in really big flakes.  Now that was when I was working construction and it was super cold outside.  Especially at 6 am.  You see we would get an early start so we didn’t have to work through the heat of the day.  Yeah that method really paid off.  So I went and bundled up that day and we worked the whole day… actually I believe I worked overtime that day.  It is funny though because now half a year later in the dead of winter with barely a skiff of snow, school has been canceled.  What a difference in worlds.  I would have to say that I would have rather of had that day in the summer off of work than today off of school, but being that I already worked that day and can’t change it, I will settle for being lazy all day long today.  I will especially enjoy not having my three hour long class tonight.

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610_woman_pushing_a_grocery_store_cart_with_groceries_and_her_son_carrying_bags_and_walking_her_dogRecently I have solved what to many of us can be a problem of epic proportions.  That is getting stuck in a conversation with no escape route.  Now there are times when you are feeling extremely patient and don’t mind a few minutes of your time being wasted.  However, there are also times when you haven’t a moment to lose and you need an immediate excuse.  Well you can of course throw a something specific such as well, “I have to go get my hair cut.”  Ah but there is an inherent flaw with that approach, and that is that the use of such a specific excuse will undoubtedly spark a conversation regarding, what your persistent friend perceives as merely a subject change.  And so after many trials and errors, I have found my go to excuse.  “I have to run some errands.”  Now there mention of the word errands makes any person cringe and suddenly your friend isn’t feeling quite as jovial or friendly.  And the follow up question of, “What do you have to do?”  Can be easily deflected with a, “I just have to pick/drop some stuff up/off.”  And you are home free, or at least free to run your errands.  The perfect non-desrcript excuse.  It reminds me of Ferris Bueller’s clammy hands symptom.  It’s a legitimate symptom, yet requires no further questioning.

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A True Politician

politicianWell as many of you know, today was the inauguration of our new president.  I didn’t have any class this morning so I took the time to watch the oath and the speech of Obama.  Now I really don’t enjoy any politics and am not up to date on any of them in anyway.  I really watched just so that 50 years from now when I am old and all wrinkly I can tell the youngsters in my old man voice, “I remember when the first black president was inaugurated.  I was sitting in my dorm room.”  Now that is an epic tale.  Now I considered that plenty of reason to watch the whole speech even though I couldn’t help but think the whole time, there is so much talk and yet nothing is really being said.  Little did I know that coming out of my afternoon class I was asked to be interviewed by the local news regarding todays events.  I was asked multiple questions regarding real issues and policies, which I had no idea even existed in reality.  But like a good politician, I gave full answers spattered with intelligent words, however, due to my lack of any knowledge of the subject, I did all of that without actually saying anything at all.  Ah politics at work.  The key ingredient to my fulfilling the role of a politician today was however my role as a hypocrite of condemning someone for the very action I was guilty of hours later.

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A Full Stack of Stickies

Kaizen CrazeI am not one to normally get into big time goal setting and hoop la of this sort.  However I do feel that there are certain times when goals can be indispensable.  Most of the time though I find goals that are more intriguing.  Things that have a way of tying the past in with the future.  One of my favorite things to do is look back on old pictures and remember what life was like at that time.  It is incredible how fast your life changes from one day to the next and even exponentially more one year from the next.  So this week I was working away like a responsible college student and started to get bogged down in the brain.  Now I know I am bogged down when I start to forget my to do lists and have to write them out.  So I reached for a pad of sticky notes and used one.  I proceeded to use another couple in the day and have a convenient spot to put them all above my desk.  Well I got to thinking about this pad of sticky notes.  I have had it for over a year now (I believe it was a stocking stuffer last year) and I am about a quarter or a third of the way through it.  So I have set the goal.  This semester I am gonna burn through sticky notes, until I have used this whole stack.  And when I get to that last sticky, I will stop and think back to now when I made this goal and last Christmas and fill my life with a little bit of nostalgia as this simple pad will tie the current present with the past and the future.

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